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1:1 Sessions


Developed in the US in the early 20th century, the Trap Kit (from ConTRAPtion) is a revolutionary instrument  that is central to various popular music forms all over the world and it is the most fun to play.

I can show you how to play, whether you are a complete beginner, someone who is looking to build on existing skills, or someone who is already accomplished but looking for other styles and techniques  - I can guide you towards your goal. 


I have been playing for over twenty years and teaching for over ten and have found that 1 : 1 lessons are the most useful because the student can receive the most attention but also small group sessions can make some students more comfortable but require those involved not to be too sensitive about making a mistake in front of the others.


We will look at technique, posture, stick grip, tone, using pedals rhythmic theory, notation, how to play in a band, rudiments time signatures, styles such as Blues, Jazz, Rock, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Samba, Afro-beat, contemporary dance styles etc. as well as working on stamina and practice routines. 

1:1 or Group Sessions

African Drum & Percussion

The traditional West African Rhythmic ensemble of Djembe, Dun Dun, Bell and Dancing is thought to be linked historically to the development of Mandingo society from in and around the 13th Century CE.

Within the caste system of the Mandingo world, this traditional rhythmic set up was developed by Griots, a caste apart and who are thought to date back 12 century.

Under Feudal system Griots were engaged in oratorical art and music, they were genealogists, story tellers and musicians, the peoples living memory, the keepers of a dynasty's history in an oral tradition.  

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